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Pamela 30th Dec 2013 Carer
My mother is a resident at The Domain facility Ashmore.She has moderate dementia.Unfortunatley she will only participate in the concerts.Mum & Dad are together & very close & they had 14 children.
Mum once loved reading & crochet,but has lost interest.
She loves jigsaws & music.I saw some amzing large size(minimum peices) jigsaws from America,however unable locate them.
Pauline 2nd Jan 2014 Activity Officer/AIn

try making some jigsaw puzzles of your own of things mum likes. Also ask her to knit or crochet something for you. I had residents who used to like and felt useful knitting and crochetint baby items for charity if this helps. One of your problems may be simply that she does not want leave your dad's side and he needs to encourage her to go and remind her that he will be there when he gets back. If this does not work due to them both having Dementia although you do not say what stages they are in maybe they could both go and then he leaves when she is activiely involved.
Dot 16th Jan 2014 Diversional Therapist
Saw an idea recently about turning photos into a few piece jigsaw, so that when it is finished it is resident eg your Mum/family member or memory from her childhood, or from era that she remembers. Reproducing photos today is quite inexpensive and it would not be difficult to mount it on cardboard, or take it to your local Men's [community] shed who could probably turn it into a very inexpensive wooden puzzle/s. I plan to try it myself. Think would be great 1:1, but already works well with images of yesteryear particularly household or farming subjects. Hopefully meaningful.

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