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Michelle 20th Jan 2014 recreational theraptist
I was wondering what other nursing homes policy is in relation to fingernail clippers? Does each resident have to have their own? or how does it work?
Solange 21st Jan 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Michelle, I guess the right thing would be each resident with his/her own nail clippers for hygienic reasons, but where ever I worked the nurses had one set of clippers and a scissor for that purpose.
Linda 21st Jan 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, yes at our facility all residents have their own personel nail kits which are all named, they are kept in the nurses station and to be used on that resident only, this is contain any fungal cross infection.
Sharon 21st Jan 2014 Lifestyle co-ordinator
Hi Michelle,
Our facility has a nail clipper and emery board for each resident. The items are kept in a separate container with the resident's name, in the nurses station. Please buy a large clipper and not the small one. The resident's nails are quite hard and thick and when cutting with the smaller clippers the nails can split. Sharon

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