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Jenny 21st Jan 2014
Hi, does anyone have any good suggestions for St Valentines Day? I thought of red balloons,red serviettes,and a appropriate love DVD.Any thing else ??
Meridee 27th Jan 2014
I am going to decorate and have a chocolate fountain, and get the residents to dip strawberries and marshmallow in chocolate, for the afternoon, we also have a entertainer playing the piano.
Kymberly 29th Jan 2014 Activities Coordinator
I've bought red foiled chocolate hearts that are fairly cheap. As well as singing along to the ol' time favourite love songs - they love 'we'll meet again"
Janelle 29th Jan 2014 Recreation Therapist
I have invited all the married couples and provided lunch in a separate area with smaller tables, table cloths, bought red roses and had them on the table,(wives took them when they left) music playing and a volunteer and myself to help serve. Served wine in special glasses (only plastic) with red serviettes. It was very special and they really loved it.
Karen 1st Feb 2014 Lifestyle assistant
You could make it a High Tea event, and get out the best china cups and saucers, with small cakes and mini sandwiches on a cake stand.
I have a visiting dance group coming on the 11th (pre planned monthly visit) and have decided to have an early Valentine's day celebration incorporating their visit. I've invited the client's partners for a Devonshire morning tea and then dancing afterward.
Josephine 4th Feb 2014
We will be having a special luncheon, gathering some of our Elders and invited their family/friends. Our craft group has been busy making heart decorations and we will be making our own place mats with these (will laminate the A4 paper). We have a great chef who loves cooking special lunches with themes, so I am pretty lucky that he gets into the whole theme and works with me to create a special dessert. We will be making heart shaped chocolate lollypops to give out, plus this coincides with our planned entertainer visit.

Meridee - I love the concept of a chocolate fountain - thanks for that tip !! I am sure we can utilise that where I am for other activities.

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