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Kerry 26th Feb 2014 Recreational Coordinater
If anyone has any ideas on activities for Low Care I would love to hear from you. I am the co-ordinator & the only Lifestyle personal on staff so it does make things a little more difficult for me. I do have limited bus trips, so visits to other venues are not possible. I run the usual Bingo, wordgame, trivia, keno, chair dancing, exercise, riddles, craft, occasional sing-a-long with DVD or volunteer piano music, some ball games & bean bag games, I do all the cup stacking & charades & many more off Golden Carers, hand soak & nail painting, I work in a Retirement Village, though many of my residents have very limited mobility & impaired vision. It is hard working on your own with no support I can only say thank you, Golden Carers for its your ideas that help me greatly. I just feel that I may be missing something, I do only work 3 days per week x 6 hours but I would love suggestions. Thank you, Kerry
vittoria 8th Mar 2014
hi Kerry
I am in the same boat, what works well for me is social groups, e.g
weekly I have a friendship group in which I make cuppaccino's and nibbles, sometimes we play music and sing along others times I will pick a topics to chat about, the resident really enjoy this program. Also we have happy hour. You could ring your local library see if they offer Words on Wheels this is a great program done by volunteers, they bring props and each time will pick a topic - it could be about the war, depression, movies stars etc., very popular with residents. I also run a ladies knitting group run by family members weekly, even ladies that don't knit enjoy attending and reminiscing over a cuppa. I also have a men's breakfast group,male residents that don't usually join in activities love this group . We chat about sports, gardening etc.,
I hope some of these programs may be of help.
Kymberly 9th Mar 2014 Activities Coordinator
It sounds like we're in the same situation - residents in low dependant care need the activity and stimulation but seem to be offended by activities such as bingo & basic craft. I try to make residents feel in charge of the activity, by giving them a role to 'help me out', like folding table cloths, handing out napkins. They like being useful. I have discussion groups and try to involve everyone by asking residents their opinion or experience - if they have trouble expressing themselves i ask yes & no questions just to keep people included. I asked residents what the best plants were to put in my garden last week and got mobbed with questions about the soil, the amount of sun, etc, which lead me to ask what they grew, if they grew vegetables, what their favs were etc. Good fun
Kymberly 9th Mar 2014 Activities Coordinator
Hi Kerry, I'm also 3 days a week and a lot of my preparation is at home. Perhaps we could share ideas and tasks week-by-week? My topic this week is the 'fat tax' they're talking about in the news, and how they went through the same thing with smoking, and before then, alcohol.
I let them teach me, and share ideas, and it always leads into something more social than a serious topic. Last week i talked about the make-do games they had, hula hoops from care tire rims, jacks, role-play & making kitchens with cardboard boxes, whereas 'nowadays' its all made up to buy for you, plastic microwaves, pretend computers etc. These activities have replaced bingo & trivia entirely, because they are being more productive and participating. Kym :)

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