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Denise 25th Mar 2014 Activity coordinator
Hi my name is denise I work in a residential home and I am due to do a group talk. Wondered if anyone has ideas? We have talked about growing up in the war which they enjoyed but am really stuck for ideas.
Kymberly 31st Mar 2014 Activities Coordinator
I've done similar mornings - 1 topic was the food they had to make do with, both overseas in the war and the rations they were stuck with at home. We talked about what were considered the 'luxuries'. Talking about getting change for pocket money and buying lollies by the penny etc, talking about the lollies that were sold then...they came up with some strange names. That kinda lead to other topics on things they had to make do with...being creative & inventive, making their own toys, doing their own repairs, clothes, furniture, school supplies - i can let them run with the topic if they get they guidance, and let residents feel they're educating me...which they are. "Kids these-days'' is a common comment.
Jane 1st Apr 2014 Activity provider - self employed
What about school days?
Uniform, daily routine, how did they get to school, assembly, favourite teachers, best and worst lessons and teachers, pranks, what did they do at playtime, school dinners, school friends....and enemies.
Josephine 1st Apr 2014
Hi Denise,

By accident when looking at a subject to talk about, I picked up a supermarket insert that came with our local morning paper. I started to look at the prices of some of the foods etc. Low and behold we had a wonderful morning talking about the price of foods - e.g. fish - this brought about some wonderful memories of going to the pier and fishing, how getting the fish back home and cleaning it etc. When we talked about fruit, I asked if anyone had fruit trees in the backyard and some interesting subjects of picking fruit with family and bottling it to make jam. I learnt alot from my own Elders that day and from time to time I do this activity. We have quite some fun when comparing the prices of foods !!
Hope this helps.
kathy 9th Apr 2014 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
How about how people used to communicate, we had a discussion and it was amazing from the old phones where you could here others talking when you would press thier code, or if someone hung a white sheet out they had news for the nieghbours. Residents would laugh because they would have a few stories.
Morena 12th Apr 2014
Hello Denise

What about sport, fashion, music history, I run the activity “let’s talk about this ... that “every Friday in a friendly dementia unit. This is an opportunity for resident s to reminisce and open discussion, express their own opinion and to have social stimulation. At times I have to use cue cards to promote conversation. I arrange the spatial environment like a forum setting; ensuring tables and chairs are sufficient for residents attending and to keep their interest.


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