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Wai Yin 2nd Apr 2014 CARER
I am working as a PCA filling in as Lifestyle Assistant. Can anyone help me with ideas on gentle exercises for the residents ? I got some print out from the internet, I felt it's abit boring? Is there any other exercises I can do with a bit of fun without injuring them or boring them to tears?
Sandy 8th Apr 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
I am a Personal Trainer for Aged Care and would love to help all Lifestyle staff in this position. First of all, put great upbeat music on, get them to start tapping fingers on their knees to the music, then clapping, standing and create own moves from there. I always end session with a game as well. Move around, smile and have fun and it will be contagious. 20 minutes is long enough. I can give more detailed advice - free. I will leave my number here or contact Golden Carers for it. Sandy 0488995511
Cassie 8th Apr 2014
There is a program called EMAA, which is specifically designed for the elderly with gentle exercise routines. Our residents love this every Monday but I do believe you have to attend a short course so you are properly trained. Easy Moves for Active Ageing through Active Ageing Australia.
Kathleen 9th Apr 2014 manager
I have everyone sitting in a circle doing exercises one exercise is kicking multible soft balls around and another I play balloon tennis both games are great exercise and they have a lot of fun
kathy 9th Apr 2014 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
i get the residents in a circle and do the exercises in front of them sitting on a chair i start from feet heel and toe, then kicking, then get the arms out in front of me and bend wrists up and down we usually say where are we going to dig to today, yell out some where interesting like today we are going to luner park to the easter show, have 2 sets of bending wrists then we have finger touching with our thumb then we blow kisses then stetch our arms out left and right, then we wave to each other and say good morning , all you do is have exercises with a twist i have most of the residents join in because they have a laugh and they are being active.
Karen 16th Apr 2014 Lifestyle assistant
Chair Tai Chi is gentle exercise. You can purchase DVDs online.

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