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Jacqueline 1st May 2014 registered nurse
Just looking for ideas for a retired farmer to utalise for diversional therapy at sundowning time
Meredith 10th May 2014
Hi Jacqueline, what about a box full of old padlocks, some of them clipped together, give the farmer the keys and tell him you need help sorting them out. Maybe find some hinges, gate latches and drop bolts to sort through as well, or small tools, anything he would recognise from the farm and could tell stories about. Meredith
Amanda 13th Aug 2021 Diversional Therapist
A fabric bag with a window in it, fill it with rice and childrens farm items such as miniture tractor, horse, etc and list what is in it for the gentleman to find.
Susan 13th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Amanda
Thank you for your suggestion
Jennifer 24th Aug 2021 Recreation Therapist
Shucking corn and snapping beans.
Susan 24th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jennifer
This is a good idea too
How ever you would be surprised on how fast residents can shuck corn
Thank you Jennifer
Susan 25th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Along the line of Jennifer suggestions peeling an orange can take a long time especially if the person likes to eat oranges
I had a resident who loved oranges and you would give her one or two to peel it might keep her busy for an hour
Person might need help depending on the orange

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