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Julie 10th Jul 2014 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator
Hi all Am looking at designing a programm of activities around the tablet and apple Tv ,if anyone has any suggestions or apps they use would greatly apprieciate there input
MARYANN 10th Sep 2014
Julie we have just purchased 2 Ipads and l have downloaded lots of FREE Games - jigsaws, ox's, word games. The Residents have become very confident with these.
Start slowly till they get confidents - they have been great for our residents
Maryann Ellis
Julie 16th Sep 2014
Thanks yes baby steps seem to be the way to go . Families have told us to get WII games as well we are looking into these as well
Sharon 16th Sep 2014 RAO
Hi I also work in a facility, and we also have an Ipad. Could you please tell me from what site you have down loaded jigsaws and word games. I am a novice with the IPad.
Cheers Sharon Mesic.
Pauline 23rd Sep 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sharon
You can download games from the App icon on your ipad...
Cheers Pauline
Dot 23rd Sep 2014 Diversional Therapist
Most of them available free in App Store. Lots of ideas in Alzheimer, type in word. Information, ideas and games. Free app of the day comes up with random games and unusual topics. Residents here love anatwist, 4pictures 1word, lots of trivia games, and Ginger and Tom cats. One dementia resident will talk to Ginger Cat who repeats everything she says for an hour or so. She loves him. Daily riddles and jokes, many musical instruments available eg my little piano. Use Google earth to show them facility, locality or where they used to live, or anywhere. Also show them the games their grandchildren play. Use it at book club to expand on topics, or some residents play solitaire as they don't have to shuffle the cards.
The list will just grow.
Margaret 14th Oct 2014
there is one called " 10 second rule " free or paid version like a word search but better

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