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Christina 29th Jul 2014 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi, we have a gentleman in our care home who has Alzeimers, he used to do some carpentry. Any ideas of some meaningful activities/projects he could do to rekindle his love of working with wood. It would need to be something he could do fairly independently under the occasional watch of carers or myself.
Christina 18th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hey there!
I have the same situation...
Have been looking online & am not really finding anything but I have an idea!!
I'm going to have my friend make a simple 5 sided wood box-
& predrill large holes for nuts & bolts that will hold it together .
(open 1 side to maybe hold a plant or pencils)
He may not be able to make a box shape-
He may not be able to fit the nuts & bolts together.
But I think the materials will appeal to him, give him a sense of purpose, serve as a cognitive exercise & improve fine motor skills!!
Jean 18th Dec 2020 Activities Coordinator
Do you think that he might enjoy sanding down a small coffee table or chair etc?
Susan 18th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi a Christina from the US
I think that is a good idea
I don’t know if you go to Home Depot but they used to have kits for children of bird houses and other simple to put together projects
Also some of the craft stores have Bird houses and other wood simple shapes that the resident could sand and then paint
Depending on the level of function sanding is a pretty simple option and painting is a little more messy but residents seem to like to do that
This article might give you some ideas as well.
Let us know if you find anything that works really well
Let us know how your idea works Christine from the USA
Thank you for sharing

Lynn 19th Dec 2020 Activity Director
A possibility may be for him to sort different sizes of nuts and bolts, washers, Or another possibility may be to have him measure with a ruler different objects in the facility or random pieces of wood.
Susan 20th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Lynne for your ideas
Thank you Jean for your suggestions I think sanding is a great idea
Fiona 13th Jan 2021
we had a joint conveyor belt covid minded project. those who enjoyed woodwork nailed a plain scrap of material on to a corkboard then those who liked drawing/art marked out a simple circle or square designs with chalk or tailor's chalk, this was then moved back to the woodworkers who hammered small tac nails on the outline of the design this was then passed onto the weavers who used silver and gold threads to wrap around the nails to fill in the designs as they wished. we have two of the pieces of art on display. We had a real working atmosphere there was chatting, suggestions given to and fro even those that were less capable with poor motor skills were given a job eg. holding the thread. A worthwhile satisfying activity with a physical achievement at the end to take home.
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Wow Fiona
You have some great ideas
Thanks for sharing
Jean 13th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
Yes, I like this idea and will adapt it for my situation. Many thanks
Susan 14th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Glad We could help

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