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kareen 4th Aug 2014 activities officer
hi my name is Kareen Kovacich..I am looking for samples on record attendance sheets for activities from other facilities one preferrably that takes as less as time as possible to fill in. we have a daily flick and tick and it can take up to 3/4 hour to fill in with 36 residences. I have seen the ones from Golden carers template just looking for other ideas if possible would you be able to email them to me the forms you use for accreditation address is [email protected]
Judy 5th Aug 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
Kareen I work in a 45 bed home in Victoria. When I first started the job over three years ago I had to fill in attendance forms and hated it...for me a waste of time. Funnily enough I cannot remember why but after simplyfiying the records(still a pain in the neck to do) I went to management, discussed the whole thing and now do not do it but do a little report each month reporting what they like to do(which I had to do anyway) on half the residents each month, a 3 monthly overview and make sure history on residents is pretty up to date. This way of reporting has passed through 2 Accreditation visits and the whole thing is now worthwhile doing and easy. I felt reporting on who attended each day was silly for elderley people and a proper waste of my time where as now the little monthly summary in our computerized progress notes seems to satisfy everyone. Hope this helps. Judy.

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