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Violet 7th Sep 2014 Activity officer
Hello everyone my name is violet. I have never worked in this field before. I was just employed as an activity officer in a care home for the elderly I will be starting work on Monday. Can anyone please help me and give me an idea on how to start and what to do first? I already had orientation with the staff and the elderly and a tour of the facility. am very excited to worked with them but do not know where to start. this site. I hope to learn a lot from this site and will also share with others what am doing.
Lisa 9th Sep 2014
Hi violet welcome to the ride of your life. There is a great resource on this site that tells you where to start but the main thing I can say is get to know your residents read about them, ask family and other staff find out what they enjoy and just go with it and remember the main thing SMILE and have fun. One last thing we are all here to help so just ask. Good luck. Lisa
Hi Violet.
Wise words from Lisa above.
I started my Activities coordinator role earlier this year and it has been a real rollacoaster. Some day my residents are engaged and willing to take part in activities other days they are sleepy and just not interested. (Can be frustrating if you have a lot of time and effort is organising but taht is how the job is)
I found the main things is like Lisa said find out as much as you can about your resisents and take advantage of their good days. Log all activites offered even if declined. Take photos to display to families and all as evidence. On a not so good day remember hand massages, listening to music, holding hands, just sitting with a resident is giving the valuable 1-2-1 time.
It can be a lonely tough job, but very rewarding when you make a resident smile with appriciation.
MARYANN 10th Sep 2014
Just remember girls it's not about US - get to know the Residents and what they want - it might be just a cuppa and a chat - walk in the garden the simple things are the most rewarding for THEM.
It's not always what we want to do - Person Centred Care - about the Person.
Julianne 12th Sep 2014 Activities Officer
Hi Violet, Welcome aboard to our world of activities, a good start is to get to know your residents first. Visit each resident when you first come on duty let them know what you have planed for the day & ask them if they would like to attend. I would start off by having a morning tea and getting to know each other as they are interested about you as well. The conversation will just flow on I'm sure you will do a great job. Julianne

margaret 13th Sep 2014 aged care trainer
Hi Violet
I really cant believe that any organisation would employ you to be a recreation activity officer without any qualifications or any idea what to do. No doubt you will learn but it does seem irresponsible on their part. They have a duty of care and so do you to develop and initiate activities are suitable for an individual. There are lots of issues at stake, especially thier safety. Margare
debbie 16th Sep 2014 day centre coordinator
In response to Margaret's comments regarding Violet's new employment as recreation activity officer. She said she was new to the field and unsure what to do first. I think we need to support our new workers and not assume their are unqualified to be employed in the position.
This is a wonderful site with great ideas , I would encourage Violet to look back on pass activities and once gained a sense of who her residents are to look at some simple activities to build her confidence. Rome was not built in a day and I wish you luck.
Don't forget to check regularly the posts and perhaps use the activity calendar set out for the months ahead until you prepare your own unique style of activities for your residents.

Cheers Debbie
Sandstrom Aged Care 16th Sep 2014 Therapy Department
Jacqui 16th Sep 2014.
Hi Violet
This is a wonderful field in aged care and all I can tell you that with residents you will have a great time learning about then take your time. This is a terrific site for ideas and networking so keep in touch and I'm sure we will help you all we can.
Stephanie 1st Oct 2014 Recreationist
Hi Violet
I often a Montessori based approach to one on one activities. This approach also focuses on residents having "roles" and in this way feeling useful and valued.
Maria 2nd Oct 2014
Thank you Stephanie I'll try the "role" technique to some of my residents.

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