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Maria 10th Sep 2014
Dear Solange and All.
As where I work we have animal casino game, bingo, spinning wheel, trivia, domino, cards 21, etc table games. Would be attractive if the environment in the room would create a casino sensation with posters and lights of "Casino Paris" "Pocker Machine" and more? give me a feed back because I would not want to spend probably big money with posters for no effect on the client.
Solange 18th Mar 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Maria, what a great opportunity you have to host a ' Party'. The room should be decorated To add to the atmosphere. Try: 1) Enlarging playing cards and plicing them in a circle on the wall 2) Making giants numbers 7s and 9s; colour them and stick to windows, walls, or hanging from ceiling 3) Writing 'CASINO' in a rectangular piece of cardstock, colouring them and surrounding the letters with gold and silver stars. Let us know how you go.
Donna 5th Apr 2015 Activity Worker
HI Maria if you have a Lombards Party Shop in your area they are awesome for all sorts of party decorations. I recently visited the store in my area and almost died with the choice of decorations available. They are not that expensive and if you say that your from an aged care facility they may give you a discount.
gladyz 16th Jan 2020 Recreational Activities
Can I get the address for this shop Lombards thanks

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