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Janlyn 13th Oct 2014 nurse / dementia
can people please share their ideas for melbourne cup day.
Activities 14th Oct 2014 Diversional Therapy
craft day- decorating hats.
an hours entertainment.
best hat competition
fish and chips for tea and fancy drinks
sweepstakes and lots of fun.
From Blenheim NZ
Sharon 14th Oct 2014 Lifestyle co-ordinator
Hi Janlyn, I have printed 2-3 race horses from google and laminated them with a famous race horse name and number on the bak. I stand them up in milk bottle tops. (cut the top on both sides). I have drawn a race track on a sheet (idea from Montesori) (like manopoly) with a comments in a few squares, "don't move horse lame", move 2 back horse on toilet break etc. Hopes this makes sense.

ann 28th Oct 2014 activities coordinator
Hi I play wheel chair racing .Mark up the floor in 6 by 6 rows.Alll chairs line up at the 1st row a caller rolls the dice and calls out the number rolled.If it is a 3 , row 3 moves the first square, continue rolling the dice .every time a no is called that person moves up 1 square in their row .The row that finishes there 6 squares 1st wins the race.
Instead of chairs allow the residents to stand at the first row.
I have played this for lots of occasions and there is always fun and laughter.

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