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Deirdre 12th Nov 2014 leisure & Lifestyle / Nurse
Could others please share the tick sheet thy use to record residents activities. I am using one a present that isnt working. Thanks Dee
Darla 19th Dec 2014 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Good Morning Deidre, Our facility tick sheet was ineffective as well. I found we revamped it to fit our activities, include grooming , walking, and independent leisure to your list.

Also at the bottom, leave several lined spaces for add in's; for example, "grooming section" could include, nails clipped and filed, hair appointment , electric shaving, lotion pampering ect.

Hope this helps.
jeanette 30th Dec 2014 activity director
Could others please share the tick sheet thy use to record residents activities thanks jeanette my email is [email protected]
jennifer 31st Dec 2014
Hi Darla,

I to am interested in what your tick sheet would look like as I am trying to revamp the one I am using at the moment.
Lisa 13th Jan 2015 Diversional Therapist
Our tick sheet is just a list of the residents and their room numbers then at the bottom of the page, we have the date and about 4 -5 spaces to write the activities and the time of activity. then with a high ligher pen each activity is given a colour and those attending the activity is highlighted in that colour. By the end of each day you have a clear view of who attend what by the colours. Works a wonder for us. 1:1s can be shown by a dot or a x so it distinguishes them from group activities.

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