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siobhan 4th Dec 2014 Nurse Manager
hi I have two activities co-ordinators in my facility but I find they zone in on the residents who are able to participate , and give very little attention to the others especially the Alzheimer's residents. How would I address this issue. While the more alert residents are well entertained the others are left to sit. And I have addressed this issue( with no effect) but maybe someone would have a different way of doing this without offending.
Marie 9th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Siobhan,

I had the same problem. I started a 1:1 list with every resident who does not attend activities on it. All staff are to spend 1:1 time with these residents. To stop the staff from seeing only the "easy" residents, I check the list each day and tell the person responsible for 1:1 visits who to see that day. We got very positive compliments from the assessors regarding this.
Darla 19th Dec 2014 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)
In our facility, we have 1-1 time 3 days per week. This is during afternoon snack time at 2pm. Snacks are served by kitchen staff and many residents gather for a social time. This free time allows for the recreation/activity aide to spend 15 -20 minutes with an individual resident at the last part of my day (finish at 2:30).

In our facility, we have also set up coffee table (with drawers)with one comfortable chair and open space for wheelchair. We have placed memory boxes and tinkering projects on/in coffee table, and take the opportunity to use them 1-1.
We also have a Snoezelen cart set up and on in one area.
Hope some of these ideas are helpful
Michelle 23rd Dec 2014 Divertional Therapist
I started a Resident of the day list, each day a resident is nominated per every rostered DT and they have certain questions to answer. Its amazing the responses that come out and these comments help me when I review activities and care plans.
sallyt 3rd Jan 2015
the way I do is to get all the abled bodies doing something in the morning then in the after noon between two and three thirty I make sure I have been and seen every one I play dominoes with one the best of three games I read the paper with one and just have a chat with others or even just to comb their hair I think it just getting them into a routine good luck

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