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Hilma 3rd Jan 2015 RN
Does anyone have any clues as what to do about a resident who as the day goes on (generally) becomes aggressive toward certain other residents AND another residents who cries generally in the conconsolable. When asked..why are you crying.. she says she isn't.. help we need insight strategies
Carolyn 6th Jan 2015 student
I suggest first looking at physical needs- are their physical needs being adequately met?are they in pain?( they may not be able to tell you if they are in pain so the Abbey pain scale could help you find out) Is their physical condition causing the behaviour eg pressure on parts of the brain? Look for other clues to their behaviour- things that might trigger it- look at life history of the person, talk to their families. See what can be done to avoid triggers and what you can do to distract them to avoid behaviours eg 1)pet therapy- we are using a furreal toy dog and cat with success-they can be bought on ebay,2) baby doll-could help the resident that cries 3) activities they can engage in. DBMAS Dementia Behaviour management advisory service could help you. Their phone number is 1800699799. Hope this helps you. Blessings, Carolyn
Liz 10th Jan 2015 RN
Thank you so much.

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