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Julianne 8th Feb 2015 Activities Officer
I have been working as an activities officer now for 20 years. Also taking care of our facially when we have no D.T. I was asked to step in to her shoes many times over. I do not have my cert as D.T can anyone help with this. Or just a cert as A.O. Looking forward to your response.

Margaret 9th Feb 2015 Activities Assistant
I didn't think DT's were around anymore?
Certificate 4 in Leisure & Lifestyle is what you are looking for (in Victoria anyway). Im halfway through my Diploma in Leisure & Health at the moment ... to go further is to go to uni and do the DT course
gnette 10th Feb 2015
The Diversional Therapy Course has been replaced with Lifestyle & Leisure .Cert 4 and diploma available. Although cert 3 Agedcare incorporates Lifestyle & Leisure Known as Cert 3 health & Leisure . The Diversional therapy association still exists although only recognises certificates obtained through certain providers .
Julianne 12th Feb 2015 Activities Officer
Thank you all for your help.

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