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Michelle 26th Feb 2015 Activities Officer
was wondering if anyone could tell me where to look and find out how to find out the benifits from doing an activity.Words to explain the benfits of the activity went.
dorothy 8th Mar 2015 diversional therapist
hi Michelle
The benefits of doing activities are to meet the individual need of the resident so if you do an exercise fun group you would be promoting full body movements to the capabilities of each person you would be promoting hand and eye coordination and fun and laughter. if you were doing music sing a long you would be enhancing reminiscence you would be promoting olfactory memories which in turn promotes story telling and socialisation and is always great fun .
these are a few i hope this gives you an idea , i would be happy to write out a detailed list for you if you like just leave a message on this page i will keep a look out for it
the very best of luck to you
jennifer 15th Mar 2015
Hello Dorothy,
I to would be interested in the list you have, as I am looking for correct wording to explain benefits of activities.
Marra 17th May 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Dorothy
I would also be interested in the list
Thank you
dorothy 18th May 2015 diversional therapist
hi i will try to attach list not sure i know how as there doesn't seem to be a file attachment
Jackie 2nd Jun 2015 D.T
Hi Dorothy
I to am interested in your list, many thanks
Charysse 11th Jun 2015
Me too. I'm currently updating my activity programs and could do with the same. Thanks in advance!
kerryn 14th Jun 2015 lifestyle and leisure coordinator
Ohhhh me to please can always do with little extra hints and tips
Clare 17th Jun 2015 Respite Option Facilitator
Smell,senses,touch,feel,music hearing,dance.
Taryn 22nd Jun 2015
yes please!
Jodie 25th Jun 2015 Leisure Lifestyle And Wellbeing
I would also appreciate the list thanks Dorothy.
Deirdre 26th Jun 2015 leisure & Lifestyle / Nurse
Hi Dorothy
I would appreciate the list too. Thanks
Margaret 1st Jul 2015
Hi love to have a copy of the list Thanks
Sandra 21st Jul 2015 Activities Officer
Hi Dorothy
I am interested in your list, many thanks
Inge 22nd Jul 2015 DIVERSIONAL Therapist
Hi Dorothy
Jumping in! Please could I have list as well thank you Inge
Fay 24th Jul 2015 caregiver/recreational officer
Hi Dorothy - new to aged care activities and golden carers - but I would also appreciate a copy of your list if you still have it - realise this posting has been going for a while now. Thanks. Fay
Karin 28th Jul 2015 Care worker
Hallo Dorothy - i am also new to activities and golden carers. your list would be a great help for me to write progress notes. thank you, Karin

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