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Resthaven 3rd Mar 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi all,
Just wondering how other sites are celebrating Anzac Day this year as it's the 100th Anniversary. I would be very interested to hear everyone's feedback.
Solange 18th Mar 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I think that being the 100th Anniversary, the celebration should be a Gala occasion. Beyond the traditional garlands and wreaths the Service should have poems, prayers, hymns, singing duets, posters (Ring the DVA and they will send you the latest posters free of charge), and a table for memorabilia. Also record a Dawn Service on TV for showing later and perhaps you can find a suitable movie for the afternoon.
Resthaven 19th Mar 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank You Solange :-)
Janelle 14th Apr 2015 Recreation Therapist
Contact your nearest RSL they have CD's with everything on there to help with a program. Get them to come in their uniforms or any residents to wear uniforms and metals. Invite family and friends. Provide morning tea. Get the local Pastor or minister to provide the talk. Ask residents to be part of the program. Make flower reefs with the residents as a craft the week before and invite residents to lay them under the flag at the appropriate time. Make small rosemary pins for everyone that attends to wear. Take lots of photos.
lyn 18th Apr 2015 recreation therapist
Hi Solange,
I just want to say thanks for the way you include object/objective for all activities. This helped me to correctly place in my notes how I was helping residents/clients.
Great Site!
Cheers, Lyn.
Solange 21st Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Lyn!
Sharon 20th May 2015 RAO
Hi this is a bit late but may help for next year. I invited a retired and a serving serviceman to come to the facility. One laid the wreath and the other read the ode and lowered the flag. The local primary school choir were invited and they sang the opening hymn "Lest We Forget", and the "National Anthem". We had memorabilia (medals etc) on the table, photos of residents family members that had served or were serving on display. Our residents and staff had been busy crotcheting and knitting poppies which we sold to raise money for the Injured Soldiers Fund (raised $365), the kitchen baked ANZAC biscuits for all who attended including invited family members. It was a very moving and special service.

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