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Kymberly 10th Mar 2015 Activities Coordinator
Hi. My time is always spent with residents in a group, from 10 to 15 different participants at a time, 3 days a week. I would like to know how to introduce one-on-one time, with so many residents to attend to, or how to decide which residents get one-on-one time. Residents are semi-dependent, some have times when they are 'room-bound', either by necessity or choice. I'd like to spend the time i have to maximum benefit, but have never done any one-to-one contact, aside from short social visits etc. Hope to get some advice. Kym :)
Kim 11th Mar 2015 Registered Nurse
residents who don't attend activities or not many should get priority for 1 to 1 trime.there is no set time a visit should last.try doing a life story board on each resident and put it in their room ,this will give you or volunteers points of reference for conversation.or you could just grab a cuppa for you and them and just chat.! to 1 is hard to find time for but can bebefit both resident and you enormousely.
Kymberly 2nd Apr 2015 Activities Coordinator
Thanks Kim. With so many residents is there 'criteria' to use, in choosing who should get attention, do you pre-arrange time/dates with residents, do some get regular attention/time in preference to others? etc? I would say out of all my groups, all would like & benefit from an individual visit, and i'm planning to propose a way to make better use of my time between group activities. Just dont know how to prioritise between availability, time available, need etc. Aside from asking carers if they can suggest anyone needing social attention i hv no system or plan. Thanks. Any help would be great and help with putting forward my proposal.

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