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Donna 11th Mar 2015 Activity Worker
Hi there I work in an adult day care centre and it is a non profit organization. Can anyone suggest any fun low cost activities? Any ideas greatly appreciated.
Judy 13th Mar 2015 Diversional therapist
Seat each resident with a small table or tray in front of them,place ten assorted playing cards on each tray,purchase large cheap pack of cards for caller,call out and show the card,if aresident has that card,they turn it over,first person who turns all cards over is the winner.The casinoes will provide once used playing cards free of charge.We also do cheap crafts with mainly recycled materials,send a newsletter home for old buttons,decopage materials old jewellery etc make greeting cards from recycled cards etc.Have a cheap soapmaking recipie if you want it we make them in silicone baking moulds.Cheap supermarket soap looks great with decals cut from papernapkins and modgepodged on. Can give u more ideas if you wish,good luck Judy NZ
Solange 14th Mar 2015 Diversional Therapist
Seat (high care) residents in a circle and play balloons with fly-swatters or lead them into a sing-along. Give a group of residents (low care) some safety scissors and coloured magazines or old calendars to cut out pictures for theme posters to brighten up your facility or make home-made cards (‘Mother’s Day’ is around the corner). Bothe groups might also like to watch a DVD of Nana Mouskouri or The Seekers or Elvis Presley in Concert.
Donna 15th Mar 2015 Activity Worker
julie 17th Mar 2015
Hi I work in a similar place to you. I quite often down load vintage pictures for them to make a collage. Makes a great theme activity. Also word games are very entertaining. Age appropriate colouring is very popular with a lot of our people so is walking groups. Hope this helps
Vicky 17th Mar 2015
Hi Judy, I would love your cheap soap-making recipe.
Donna 5th Apr 2015 Activity Worker
Awesome ideas ladies

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