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Tracey 13th Mar 2015 Leisure&Lifestyle Coordinator
Can anyone offer any ideas on some activities to do with low and high care dementia residents between the hours of 6-8pm? Staff are finding that some of the residents are still quite energetic at this time of the evening, and are having trouble getting them settled. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)
Talita 17th Mar 2015
Hi Tracey, activities for low care residents in the evenings could be doing riddles, playing cards or board games or making cards (Mother’s Day is around the corner).For high care you could try balloon game, (played with fly-swatter) or sing-along. Both groups may enjoy a music DVD (The Seekers or Nana Mouskouri).
Geraldine 27th Mar 2015 Care
Hi Tracey, older people love musicals. Put famous musical stars, e.g Doris Day, Gene Kelly,Bing Crosby and many more and use for a picture quiz. Ask to put a name to the face. Also have some trivia of these stars so you can reminisce.
Hope this helps
dorothy 31st Mar 2015 diversional therapist
hi Tracey
low care residents could be folding or helping in some way or maybe some craft and your high care is getting them in a group for a sing along that is quiet and not to energized also some nice relaxation DVD that has scenery and relaxation music check out you tube to get some ideas also aromatherapy massages , foot spas, the idea is to get them to settle and relax so when they go to bed they will be less restless.
hope this helps good luck.

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