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Marita 1st Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
I am trying to find a DVD of simple images e.g. Rain Forest ,Inside a fish tank , A wood fire , Children playing. Waves crashing on rocks .the list goes on . No music is necessary, just the moving image for the big screen TV.
Sancha 8th Apr 2015 Personal Carer
Google your request, the ABC shop has some and birds in cages too. I bought The Fish Tank, shows tropical and river fish. Our dementia residents love it. I put it on when we have music sing a long morning for a visual for the deaf ressies, they love it. So calming.
dorothy 9th Apr 2015 diversional therapist
look on you tube and you will find lots and the name of the DVD and where to purchase
kerri 24th Apr 2015 Activities officer
the montessori's group have those dvd's to buy all individual themes.
Caz 9th May 2015
You tube have the fish tank, rain forest etc...
Jean 18th May 2015 Recreational Activities Officer
Ebay has some really cheap DVDs. Fish tank one cost me $4.00 with free post ! They are mostly region free so check that as even if they come from overseas they will still play

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