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Sam 9th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi All,
I need help running a professional Diversional Therapy program on little to NO MONEY.

I am not allocated a specific budget and I am hitting wall after wall after wall trying to get money for my program.

Sourcing quality resources, both internally and externally, to create a program to support, challenge and enhance the psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical well-being of each individual resident is very time consuming and costly process. Trying to do this where the vast majority of the resources need to be free is very difficult ... help please!
Judy 15th Apr 2015 Diversional therapist
Maybe ask staff and volunteers if they have the things you need for say crafts,used greeting cards,knitting wool,lace,buttons,fabric,cellaphane,florists,net,etc and some Residents when they come into care have unfinished hobbies the Family are happy to pass on.The library will supply local books for reminiscing groups,the local schools will entertain or just come for bowls etc.get visiters,volunteers,staff to speak and share their hobbies and passions.We are lucky and have entertainers,speakers etc.who do not charge for their time and we have to limit these activities so we can fit in the everyday things.People with animals are also well recieved by our folk. Judy NZ
Solange 21st Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sam, I feel for you, it is very hard to be professional when support is not available. I agree with Judy, ask staff and residents' relatives to bring cuttings from their gardens for a gardening session, also jars, plastic pots,wool, scrap fabric and anything else they may have for craft.Best wishes!
Shantell 21st Apr 2015
Hi Sam
Its not easy when you don't have the support you need to run a professional program. If you can get in contact with your local library they are a big help as when they decommission large print books and talking books you can go on a list and they will donate them to you for free. Also you can make Bingo Sets up using A4 paper and just a bit of time on a computer and laminate. Search the internet for trivia/ quiz questions to help run word game sessions. Internet is also great for different colouring pages and information for Arm chair travel sessions. I also place advertisements in our newsletters asking if family members are cleaning out craft supplies to please remember us as we can put things to good use. The Op shop is also good for board games and puzzles. I find the Large floor puzzle best for our high care and Dementia specific unit. Low care like the puzzles up to 100 piece. Hope this help you out a little bit
Rosina 22nd Apr 2015 Client Liaison Manager
we asked for donations of items of nice china for high tea it was amazing what people donated to us, we now have a beautiful selection to hold our high teas, it is best to ask for specific items and a little explanation of what you are going to do with them- lots of families cleaning out the homes of people coming into care prefer it go to good use than throwing out , knitting needles and wool for the knitters group anything made can then be raffled off, magazines for collages, you can get a lot of travel pamphlets and hold travel sessions see how you go with some of these ideas
Betty 5th May 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sam,
I made a A3 size 'Activities Wish List' laminated and placed in each areas. I use white board markers to write up items we looking for.
Visitors, family members keep looking out to check the list. If you can allocate a donation box next to it, you will get lots of items.
Best wishes
Vikki 13th May 2015 Recreation/leisure&lifestyle. Also massage and aromatherapist..
Hi Sam
I've been here. You've already received some good ideas. Here are some things I've done. Bingo cards can found on the computer printed, enlarged and laminated, and use bottle tops as tokins. Visit the $2 shops, vinnies etc for playing cards, dominos, boardgames, craft, knitting needles, paint brushes, clue sticks and scissors even cd's and movies. etc.
Sorting games can be made with coloured pegs, ($1.50) large buttons,( vinnies) and coloured cookie cutters ( $2.00). Pom Pom making - use a cereal box and wool scrapes. Make picture scrape books from old magazines. My basic kit cost me about me about $50.00 and I still use it.
Use google for quizzes. Jig saw puzzles can be made from old calendar pictures , just laminate and cut into squares or triangles of 6 or 9 pieces. Finally organise a fundraiser for activity equipment ( chocolates in winter work a treat. Good luck. Vikki

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