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Sam 9th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
I have an idea that i am sure many of you have had before ... but lets get down and do it.
We need to develop a show like Playschool aimed at Aged Care fascilities, particularly those people with Dementia. If it was on TV daily, had interactive elements and elements that then can flow on to activities in centres that would be perfect.
(Copyright the idea. lol)
dorothy 17th May 2015 diversional therapist
please remember that people with Dementia are adults with a deficit
it the first instant we must respect them as such activities should meet there needs and boost there self confidence and self esteem this in turn provides quality of life and a feeling of wellness in the person .
There is a fine line we must not cross even when they seem child like .
i hope this gives some help when you decide on your program all the best
Jean 18th May 2015 Recreational Activities Officer
I think your program sounds like a great idea. Of course I never for a moment thought that you were talking about a " Playschool " format ! You obviously mean a televised program suitable for interactive activity ideas eg: exercises crafts etc. Would be great to see one up and running. Dont be put off by the bah hum bugs of the world. Go for it :)
dorothy 18th May 2015 diversional therapist
bah hum bug or not there is nothing as wonderful as person to person contact socialising as other residents can lead in showing others how to do things EG knitting , crochet , painting , simple craft ideas and the list go's on.
Josephine 24th May 2015
Sam all comments have very good points to make and which should be part of the commencement of getting ideas onto paper and getting input. I do like your idea, some care staff ask what they can do and this is where you can sit with a person and watch a show or a program together and then be engaged in an activity together. Again, the human contact is second to none. The program would be good for some family members who are at a loss as what to do or talk about with their loved one. All ideas have to commence somewhere and it needs a champion to take it to great heights. I would like to offer one piece of advice, remember to put a business plan/framework around it and how you will continue to enhance the program. Good luck with it !! Love your enthusiasm !

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