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Elizabeth 9th Apr 2015 Activity Director
has anyone out there have any neat ideas for bingo prizes for a nursing home that is very low functioning? I cannot give them candy or popcorn or thing in that nature so I need help....Thanks
Sally 13th Apr 2015
toothpaste, deodorant, bath wash(with a pump action) , picture frames, Dove soaps, Fans (hand)
Rosina 18th Apr 2015 Client Liaison Manager
we make up fruit bowls or biscuit platters, residents love them
Cathy 20th Apr 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
How about; lavender sachets for the ladies and car air fresheners (paper ones) for the men, travel size shampoo and conditioner, tissues and body spray (try Reject shop for $1 bargains), op shops for nick nacks, books, jewellery, scarves.
Anne 20th Apr 2015 Team Leader Community Centre
Hankies, Packets of Tissues, Combs you can buy for $2 a packet. Bars of Soap I wrap them in cellophane and tie a ribbon around, mini photo frames, sensory bags, ask staff if they have any toiletries from hotels they would like to stay in.
Shari 6th May 2019 Out Reach Representative
socks, tissues
Susan 6th May 2019 Activity Director
Great ideas. Sally, Rosina Cathy, Shari,
and Anna
I particularily like boxes of Kleenex
It seems like the residents never have enough Kleenex and I always need it.
Costume jewelry necklaces always seem to be a hit for the ladies
I think ties are nice for some of the man and you might be able to get some donated I always did
Thanks again everyone for your suggestions
Carol 8th May 2019 Activities Coordinator
Birthday cards to give to family or Friends.
Susan 9th May 2019 Activity Director
Birthday cards and other cards are a good idea as long as they have the help of the staff to send them

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