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michelle 22nd Apr 2015
does anyone know if it is a requirement for accreditation that daily tick sheets are completed?
Marra 13th May 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Michelle
I do know that our last accreditation this is one area that they did ask about so I would put that into action If I was you, Good luck
dorothy 17th May 2015 diversional therapist

yes they are and this is your way of measuring how you residents are doing and what they are attending , important info for care planning reviews and your 3 monthly evaluations i suggest get a copy of the standards and see what is required under standard 3 that helps a lot .
good luck and remember everything you do big or small makes a difference in someones life each day .
Katharina 19th May 2015
We have just gone through accreditation and they asked to see our tick sheets so start using them and good luck.
Sharon 20th May 2015 RAO
Yes we have to do a weekly tick sheet, and you will get asked about your tick sheets.

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