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Sidney 21st May 2015
I work in a 70% Italian facility and am finding it hard to find activities that they really enjoy as they like to sit like the old days in their own little groups and either watch T.V , chat or sleep. The two things that work at this moment are Tomboula and shopping. Would anyone have any other great ideas that they think they would enjoy? Thank you
Solange 23rd May 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Liz, have you tried Bocce Ball game? It can be played outdoors or indoors if you have the space. It is very popular in some facilities.
Josephine 24th May 2015
Hi Liz, if you have access to an iPad or Computer how about "travelling" to different parts of Italy. Find out the regions that residents are from. The local Library may have DVD's and picture books about Italy that you can put on an afternoon Italian movie. Most Europeans love card games, I know my parents and their friends did. Men usually tend to like sanding woodwork and putting things together, if it is possible have a look at the craft section at Bunnings, ask family members for the money to purchase for the individuals or is their any volunteers willing to help out here. Bunnings have birdhouses etc. Is there a knitting group you can commence. Contact your local U3A and see if a few are willing to come along for some knitting and chatting. We did this a couple of years ago and it is working a treat, some of our residents despite their dementia have picked up knitting again and one to involve the local schools. Cooking was always a favourite with my mum (who is from Europe), is there the possibility of grabbing a few residents (you can rotate) and have an Italian cooking afternoon e.g. make your own pizza, make pasta from scratch etc. Hope this helps.
Sidney 25th May 2015
Hi Solange,
Yes Bocce is one of the activities we do and we play indoors and outdoors. They seem to enjoy sitting in the lounge area and prefer a one on one session. I have Italian volunteers whom visit as well. Thank you though Solange I really appreciate your response.
Sidney 26th May 2015
Hi Josephine,
Some great ideas there that I will put in place. We have tried the cooking but they seem to only like to watch but I will try again with a different approach. Thanks again for your input as I will be trying anything. Thank you :-)
Betty 16th Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Liz,
We have 'Italian cafe' ones a months; Italian volunteers bringing Italian biscuits, making real Italian cafe (cooked) in nice cups. They have a good chat and laugh, than they watch an Italian movie or listen to Italian music of their choice from the library .
Good luck
Clare 17th Jun 2015 Respite Option Facilitator
Pasta,strong coffee,vegie gardens filled with basel,chess,smells,aroma.olives olive oil,touch texture.

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