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Josephine 9th Jul 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Out There, I hope I am describing this easily. I am wishing to capture, in a snapshot, a quick reference to the background of the resident, it may have information such as likes, dislikes, what they did for a job, family, etc. that I can place in their room for care staff to read, it would be like a one page poster. It would be a quick reference for others to realise that the person living with dementia has had a life prior to entering aged care facility. Does anyone out there have done something similar? I have put this idea to the staff during a meeting and they are very keen on it and wishing to know more about the people they assist. Wanting to get this happening fairly quickly.
Talita 10th Jul 2015
Hi Josephine,

You might find the 'Life Reflections Poster' article helpful:

Josephine 15th Jul 2015
Thanks Talita.
Lowana 25th Aug 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
Im currently working on these too in our memory support wing. Would anyone care to share any examples they have already done?
Susan 25th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Susan 26th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Lowana
This one also might be good to use

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