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Jackie 3rd Nov 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi All
I am looking for ideas for Christmas gifts - I have 86 residents at all different levels. PLease Please let me know what you are up to this year of 2015 - especially ideas in gifts for people living with Dementia.
I do not want anything to make or items that are time consuming.
Roughly about $10 per resident.
Thanks All in Advance
jane 3rd Nov 2015 activity provider
I too look after a number of residents in 4 homes. My way around the problem of a small
present for Christmas, for men and women, is a lovely Christmas Cracker with a hat,
joke and a little gift enclosed.
Hope this may give you an idea.
Elsa 9th Nov 2015 Diversional Therapist Co ordinator
This year I am going for hat for the man & lite summer scarfs for the ladies. In past years I got the small photo album , a nail set, had cream, body was etc

I have over 500 residents to buy for, sometimes finding the right gits that are usefull is difficult.

Hope it helps.

Filidea 16th Nov 2015
We give our residents Calendars from the $2 shop, and talcum powder or hand cream from Avon.
If you contact any AVON rep they may donate free of charge or otherwise they are cheap to buy usually on special just before Christmas @1.99 each.

Rosina 16th Nov 2015 Client Liaison Manager
we have purchased for the ladies a clay scented heart and drawer liners from our book man at $7 but he is giving us a discount- but still looking for ideas for the gentlemen at our care home I to would like to hear some ideas.
Liza 18th Nov 2015
What about a photo of them in a frame doing an activity or out at an outing
we did this one year & they really liked it!!
Good luck
Gabriela 20th Nov 2015 Occupational Therapy Assistant
We are having $5 budget in our facility, then, we are going to Kmart and buy socks for man's and manicure set for ladies as all residents need to have their own manicure set, also is $5 necklaces to buy in Kmart or Big W or a chocolate or a box of lollies if they are allowed to eat.
Providence 5th Nov 2019
Throughout the year , we have lovely photos of our residents on outings, doing craft or participating in an activity . A photo brag album has been purchased and a couple of photos will be placed in it , for families to add too. Can’t go wrong with a personal gift.
Susan 6th Nov 2019 Activity Director
I like the idea of giving the residents blankets for the bed or for their lap
You can usually find them anywhere and they come in a number of colors and textures

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