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Pauline 9th Mar 2016 Recreation Therapist
I have been asked if there is anything I need for activities as my workplace has a surplus and this is very rare that they ask me what I need for diversional therapy there any thing your facility has brought or would like to buy that will be beneficial to the residents, I have said ipads ..... your opinions and ideas would be greatly appreciated......
Solange 11th Mar 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Pauline, you are so lucky to have a surplus budget, it is not very common, believe me! Yes,
Ipad games are becoming very popular. You may spend some of your budget on aquatic equipment; if a pool is not available you may take clients to the local pool e.g. life saving jackets, and a wheelchair that can be submerged. Also any outdoors sport fitness equipment (specifically for seniors) such as chest-press, leg-press, sitting rotator, standing bike, and others. Best wishes.

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