You may know a lot more about foreign languages than you think!
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You may know a lot more about foreign languages than you think!


1.Which of these words does not mean 'Fish'?
Poisson         Peixe          Paix
2.'Shalom', means 'Hello' in which language?
Russian          Arabic          Hebrew
3.In which country would you say 'Buongiorno' (good day)?
Greece         Italy          Ireland
4.How do you say 'wonderful' in German?
Merveilleux          Wunderbar          Maravilhoso
5.Which of these words means 'head'?
Cobra          Cabeza         Caliente
6.In which language does 'Obrigado' mean 'thank you'?
Portuguese          Irish          Hungarian
7.How do you say 'goodbye' in Hawaiian?
Hasta la vista          Adiós          Aloha
8.How do you say 'red wine' in Italy?
Vin rouge          Vino tinto          Vino rosso
9.Which of these language groups is not European?
Germanic          Slavic          Semitic
10.In which of these countries is the official language not German?
Austria         Luxembourg        Albania
11.Can you name a language that is written from right to left?
12.Which language is considered to be the oldest in Europe?
Basque         Galician          Greek          Icelandic
13.What language is spoken in Haiti? English         Dutch          French         Esperanto
14.'Cerveza' means beer in which country? Italy          Spain          Thailand
15.What does the Hindi word 'Namaste' means?
16.The German word 'Wunderkind' is widely used in English; what does it mean?
17.If you are dinning 'Al Fresco' where are you?
18.How do you say 'Let's go' in Italian?
19.In which country would you eat 'Nasi Goreng'?
20.What is a 'corroboree'?


1 Paix – 'Paix' is the French word for 'peace' 2 Hebrew 3 Italy 4 Wundebar 5 Cabeza ('head' in Spanish) 6 Portuguese for 'Thank you' 7 Aloha 8 Vino rosso 9 Semitic 10 Albania 11 Arabic and Hebrew 12 Basque 13 French 14 Spain 15 Greetings (it means literally 'I bow to you') although there are other poetic translations. 16 It means 'child prodigy' 17 Outdoors 18 Andiamo 19 Indonesia 20 An Aboriginal dance ceremony.

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