This simple sorting activity can be adapted for different interests and abilities. Improve dexterity (grasping objects) and practice decision-making.
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This simple sorting activity can be adapted for different interests and abilities.

The example provided is a handbag sorting activity for the ladies. For men, use a toolbox!


  • Improve dexterity (grasping objects)
  • Practice decision-making


  • A handbag, old-fashioned if possible.
  • Various items such as compact powder, brush, money purse, small mirror, lipstick, cloth handkerchief, small bottle of perfume, sunglasses, bunch of keys. You can use anything that belongs in a handbag. Have at least 6 items.
  • Look for items that do not belong in a handbag such as a screwdriver, garden hose nozzle, a sock, a small bowl, a cat collar. Have at least 6 items that should not belong.
  • A box to hold all items before the correct items are placed into the bag.
  • Print out the supplied BELONG and DOES NOT BELONG labels and cut out.


  • Show your resident the handbag and explain that you have some items that need to be put inside it. Ask if they would like to help you.
  • Place the labels in from of the resident and explain what they mean.
  • Put the box with all the mixed up items on their good side.
  • Start by picking one item and asking: ‘Does it belong in the handbag?’ wait for an answer and then point to the right label.
  • Repeat the process with every item.

Files included:

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Belongs / Does Not Belong

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Jessie 6th Apr 2013 Support Care Worker
Love this idea, I can adapt it to different levels and different genders . Thanks heaps!!!
Janice 18th Aug 2009 Recreation Activities Officer
Thanks. This is a fantastic idea and an achievable one.
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