This month, create a Coffee Cart that goes around door-to-door once per week. You can use this time to have meaningful moments with each of your residents, which is especially important during pandemic precautions.

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Adrienne 21st Mar 2021 Activities And Volunteer Coordinator
Suggestion: You could organize different genre of Christmas accompanied by the setting(Christmas setting) for each unit bearing in mind the population(Ethnicity and Popularity).

THIRD FLOOR SUGGESTION: Age era-music found in that era: foods specific to that era accompanied by floor decoration which would represent the Christmas season.

2. Specific entertainer (themed individual-Nat King Cole) Harlem type deco plus food associated with the times.
3. Gather consensus of what they would like and work around it( cognitive Ones who can give their opinion)
Susan 22nd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Adrienne
Thank you for your great suggestions
Gwyneth 1st Sep 2020 Volunteer
Hello Adrienne, We have fun at our Day Care Centre. We have fun with lots of songs, our volunteers act quite a few of them making them as hilarious as you want. These are some of them - can be found on Golden Carers Focused activities - ours roar with laughter, but again they might not suit everyone you just have to try.

1.When you're smiling - Des O Connor a very infectious happy song.Smiles all around.

2.The Laughing Policeman, acted out by 2 volunteers, one dressed as the policeman, with baton etc chasing another volunteer, darting in and out, again make it as hilarious as you can.

3.Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen bogen by the sea, Max Bygraves. This is a lovely little song so easy for the clients to repeat the words what Max is singing.

4.Picking a chicken with you, Eve Boswell, typical Christmas one, sharing a wishbone with someone you love!

These are just a few examples. There is a big choice listed . Christmas will be on us before we know it. All the best Gwyneth volunteer

Adrienne 1st Sep 2020 Activities And Volunteer Coordinator
I have to plan 6 resident Christmas dinners during this pandemic.
Do you have any suggestions since we can't have an entertainer come in or family to help celebrate?
Susan 1st Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Adrienne
Check out my comment on Jills post from September 1
Adapt this as necessary