Intergenerational Activities: Making the most of our local community

Intergenerational Activities: Making the most of our local community

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Lifestyle Salisbury 19th Jun 2018
Yes its fantastic we have been working with schools and play groups for years now it brings so much joy.
Joanna 28th Jun 2018 Community Engagement Support Worker
Hi, if you've been doing this for a while, perhaps you can give me some advice! I'd love to hear how you cover yourselves in terms of taking photographs of the children and the adults? The new GDPR is proving very challenging and I don't seem to be able to get a definitive solution?
Solange 12th Jun 2018
Well done Joanna, how lucky is your organization to have you around? Thank you very much
for sharing.
JoAnn 12th Jun 2018
I started a programme similar to this in the fall of 2017. I contacted a teacher at a local elementary school to see if she would like to develop a relationship between her class and a retirement residence. It started with one partnership. There are now 8 partnerships. It is totally amazing to see the seniors and the buddies interacting. They have written biographies, creative writing, poetry, now and then activity, lots of music, arts and crafts and lots of other fun activities.
I am volunteering with this programme and actually fundraised to get money to pay for all the bus transportation. It has proven to be a wonderful programme for everyone involved.
Joanna 7th Jun 2018
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