All the following answers have the letters IRE somewhere in the word. A fun quiz for the elderly!
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Thought you might like another Irish quiz!

All the following answers have the letters IRE somewhere in the word.

1. Church tower SPIRE
2. An unsatisfied longingDESIRE
3. Metal in the form of a thread WIRE
4. Ream of paper QUIRE
5. Grow weary TIRE
6. Stimulate or arouse INSPIRE
7. Country gentleman SQUIRE
8. A group of countries under a single authority EMPIRE
9. Process of combustion FIRE
10. Secretly plan CONSPIRE
11. Employ for wages HIRE
12. Seek information ENQUIRE
13. Leave employment because of age RETIRE
14. Bog or swamp MIRE
15. A blood sucker VAMPIRE
16. A type of draft horse SHIRE
17. Point out a route DIRECT
18. A black cap work by clergyman BIRETTA
19. To breath air RESPIRE
20. An old radio WIRELESS

Sheila Douthwaite, Occupational therapist, South Africa

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Kylie 9th Mar 2017 leisure and lifestyle officer
I'm going to use this on St Patricks Day. Thanks
Mimi 5th Mar 2017 Activity Director
Like it!!
Talita 20th Feb 2017
Excellent quiz Sheila, thank you!!
Sheila 17th Feb 2017 Occupational Therapist
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