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Joanne 6th May 2018
In my haste to submit I forgot to add the answers.... (answers are now attached)
Joy 2nd May 2018
I've just found the Jingal jangle activity
I'm having fun remembering them all
We will have so much fun with this
Thank you
Kristel 2nd May 2018
Does anyone know where you can find the slogan's. I don't know that answer and I know the residents will ask for the answers.
Heather 30th Apr 2018
This is brilliant Joanne thank you so much for sharing it. Great Job.
Annabelle 27th Apr 2018
how i wish there was one with USA slogans
Joanne 29th Apr 2018 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I made this one up, Annabelle, have a go and make an American version, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is...cheers Jo
Joanne 25th Apr 2018
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Jingle Jangle

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