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Barbara 10th Mar 2015
Great Hats made a sample, we are going to make these in our Dementia wing , looking forward to getting started.

Marlene 27th Apr 2013
hi, here are the photos of the Saint Pats Day hats I promised.
Solange 7th Mar 2013
Hi Marlene, I am glad the activity worked for you. We certainly would like to see some of your hats.
Marlene 5th Mar 2013
these hats are amazing , they are a real hit ! thank you for sharing ! I do have photos of our hats if you would like to see them...
Solange 27th Feb 2012
Hi Rosalyn, thanks for pointing this out - the downloads were missing. We have added them to the activity now so please take another look when you get the chance. Cheers
ROSALYN 26th Feb 2012
It says under the instructions to download templates from website for leprechaun\'s hat, I just don\'t seem to be able to find it - can you help?

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