March Quiz - Words that start with 'Mar'

March Quiz - Words that start with 'Mar'

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Here is a quiz for the month of March - all answers start with Mar. A fun group activity for the elderly in nursing homes.
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All answers begin with 'Mar'.


1. An area of soft, wet sand usually between water and land
2. A famous actor: .......Brando
3. Germany’s currency before the Euro
4. Music of Mexico
5. Famous North American civil rights activist
6. Animals carrying their young in a pouch
7. Famous French Mime artist
8. Uniformed and rhythmic walking
9. An alcohol cocktail decorated with olives
10. Large fish with a spear-like snout
11. Famous English classical ballerina.
12. German war song: Lilli......
13. Shaken musical instrument used in Central and South America
14. Law enforcement officer
15. Connective tissue that fills the cavities in our bones
16. The legally or formally recognized union of two people
17. Political and economic theory started by philosopher Karl Marx
18. A tulip-like flower; also ‘butterfly’ in Spanish
19. A Lebanese Christian religion
20. Country formed by a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean


1) Marsh 2) Marlon 3) Mark 4) Mariachi 5) ‘Martin’ Luther King Junior 6) Marsupials 7) Marcel Marceau 8) Marching 9) Martini 10) Marlin 11) ‘Margot’ Fonteyn 12) Marleen 13) Maracas 14) Marshal 15) Marrow 16) Marriage 17) Marxism 18) Mariposa 19) Maronites 20) Republic of ‘Marshall’ Islands.

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