Here's a fun visual reminiscing quiz for seniors - match the images with the tv show or movie they belong to!

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Lisa 10th Dec 2022 Activities for Seniors
I love when you do picture quizzes.
It's easier for my people, rather than just words.

thank you!
Rahoz 10th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
I have been enjoying your free article and must say they were very good.
I have convinced our admin financer to buy a subscription .
We love the stuff here and so does our patients.
Talita 15th Aug 2021
That's wonderful to hear! Thanks for your feedback Rahoz
Pechola 24th Oct 2016 Memory Care Manager
love your Picture concept but do you have a category for hidden Pictures or it the same as Spot the difference
Helen 18th Oct 2016 Activity Director
Just joined! Love this.