Have fun naming some more unusual animals. A fun quiz for seniors.

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Steph 17th Feb 2024 Leisure And Wellness
Great game. Especially with the reveal. I would love a version with less obscure animals for my residents living with dementia, some simpler guesses to give them confidence to keep playing.
Talita 19th Feb 2024
Thanks for your feedback Steph. Great idea, we'll do an easy version with some more common animals. It is a great game to play with the image reveal option!
Sarah 12th Oct 2014
I used this activity as a starting point, I printed large photos of the various animals and included some information about the animals such as where the live and what they eat. Then I showed the pictures to the residents one picture at a time and had them guess the name of the animal then gave them some information about the animal.

Also asked them to reminisce about their favourite pets and asked them what animal they could be in another life.