I have put together a series of optical illusions to be used on ZOOM. Our clients really enjoyed seeing things from a different perspective! Enjoy :)

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Hilary 7th Jan 2024 Daycentre Support Worker
My husband couldn't see them Ha! Great collection... thank you for putting them together. x Hil
Kristen 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director
This is amazing! Gonna put it on my calendar!
Talita 23rd Jan 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Kristen!
Leeann 27th Oct 2020 Trainer/Assessor
Thank you so much Optical Illusions amazing
Karen 21st Oct 2020
Fantastic optical illusions! Thanks for sharing them with us.
Christin 21st Oct 2020 Activity Director
Optical illusions are great!!! Thank you
Talita 19th Oct 2020
Wow! Some amazing optical illusions here! Thank you for sharing Jen x