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Gail 10th Mar 2015 Personal carer
Just a quick comment, I love both ideas but we actually get the residents to cut them out and then hang them, if the residents are involved in making them as well, they are more likely to get involved.
Lyn 1st Feb 2014 Student/Activities coordinater
last year I cut the leaves out of colour paper, made a nice pattern with them, then laminated them to make place mats for every resident. Everyone loved them and made a fuss about how nice they were.
Kelly 23rd Feb 2013 Recreation Therapist
We did these with our residents last year and will do again this year. We got the residents to paint a leaf in autumn colours and when it dried we asked them what Autumn meant to them or what jumped into their head when we said Autumn. We wrote their first name and their answer on the leaf and then blue tacked them to a corridor wall (scattered and making the leaves look like they are falling from a tree), so all family and visitors could read them. People stood there for ages reading all the comments and thought it was a great idea. We often do something similar with each season ie snowflakes for winter etc