Paper Mache Lanterns

Paper Mache Lanterns

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It is so simple to make beautiful paper mache lanterns!

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Felecia 12th Dec 2023
Crepe/streamer paper, thin cotton fabric cut out designs, pieces of lace?
Susan 14th Dec 2023 Activity Director
Hi Felecia
Thank you for your suggestions. Great ideas
Theresa 4th Dec 2023 Recreation Assistant
I am looking to try and do this with my Residents', but trying to come up with ideas for alternative items to decorate the balloons with for a Christmas project. Ideas welcomed :)
Susan 6th Dec 2023 Activity Director
Hi Theresa
You could have the residents make snowflakes that in itself could be a project
You could also buy Christmas stickers. There are a lot of them out now.
Joan 7th Jun 2023 Activity Coordinator
The different types of Bingo is a lots of fun the residents enjoy it