Picture Matching Bingo

Picture Matching Bingo

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Anastasia 3rd Nov 2016 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you for sharing this, I would love to do it with my residents however it would be nice to have a ready template so we could download and print it out. I will look it up elsewhere or will make it myself.
Kelly 23rd Feb 2013 Recreation Therapist
What a nice idea Heather. I have also made a coloured fruit salad bingo for the residents that can't recognise numbers. They love it and most of them recognise common fruits no matter how advanced their dementia is.
talita 16th Jan 2013
Thank you Heather for this activity!
Heather 6th Jan 2013
Encourages Mental and verbal stimulation.'
(I use this for residents who have difficulty recognising numbers but still like bingo. It allows them to play at a slower pace.

You need 4 packs of picture flash cards. (large)
Laminate if necessary.
Coloured Milk bottle tops to use as tokens.
Prize for the winner: I have a basket of small gifts they choose from.

small group activity or Great for residents who are confined to bed.
give resident a picture board .
slowly call the picture from your pack of flash cards
residents match your flash card to one on there board
Winner gets a prize:

I often talk about the picture as they are usually child toys or animals so it allows residents to remenicise during the game.