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Carole 26th Sep 2018 Chairperson
Thank you for sharing your comments and poems!
It is National Poetry Day in UK next month (4 October) and there are some good ideas here -
Kathryn 19th Sep 2018 Activity Director

My Life as a Scarecrow
Emily Dickinson Poetry Club
St. Catherine’s, Caldwell, NJ

I’m a scarecrow out in a cornfield
With arms outstretched big and wide.
I look up and down the narrow rows
And see a blackbird hide.
I wave my arms and give a shout
As the blackbird soars
I warn “Keep Out!”

Kathryn 19th Sep 2018 Activity Director
September poem by our residents

Autumn Beckons
By the Emily Dickinson Poetry Club
of St. Catherine’s, Caldwell, New Jersey

I heard soft autumn calling
I gazed upon her face,
Then boughs of orange and yellow
reached out in warm embrace

The fruit of summers’ sunshine
hung heavy on the trees,
The apples in the orchard
beckoned for release.

In country lanes and fields
bright pumpkins decked the ground,
An orange array of gourdish shapes
lay on umber brown.

A group of school aged children
hurried off to class,
To tell their stories of summer
and how they’d wish it last!

How special are the days of fall
each moment in September
The colors, sounds and lovely sights
I always will remember.

Julie 18th Sep 2018 Disability Carer
how about some Australian ideas
Jane 9th Sep 2018 Activities Therapist
I am going to do this activity this week. I love Poetry and i hope the residents will enjoy it.
Carole 29th Aug 2018 Chairperson
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Poems for September