Pollock-Inspired Spaghetti Art

Pollock-Inspired Spaghetti Art

Shared By Deborah   Canada

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My idea for this activity was inspired by the expressionism art of American Artist Jackson Pollack. 

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John 27th Nov 2023
What type of paint do you use and how do you make it drip-able please?
Susan 28th Nov 2023 Activity Director
Hi Deborah and others who have tried this activity can you help in telling us what type of paint you use
Tasha 6th Feb 2023 HCA- Assistant Manager
You could also try to use a yarn and drag the yarn to create some beautiful work.
Jean 8th Jan 2023 Activities Coordinator
Do you only use the pasta as a painting medium or do you leave it on, glue it or otherwise attach it to the picture surface?
Kim 17th Jan 2023 Lifestyle Assistant
No I think you use the pasta to drag paint on the paper or canvas then throw the pasta away.