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Adult Day Servicse 20th Jan 2015 Activity Leaders

Yabbie Race and Boomerang Throw

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Yabbie Races & Boomerang Throw
Adult Day Servicse 10th Jun 2014 Activity Leaders


Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has played the game Pick a Box with their members / clients.
We work with senior adults who all live in their own homes & come to our groups daily.
They are all quiet mobile & like to be involved.
Thanks Sandra
Adult Day Servicse 21st Feb 2014 Activity Leaders

Card Bingo

We call a similar game to this,HOY.We deal a large print pack between 4 people which is 13 per person,then from another pack call the cards, first one out calls HOY. a prize is given. This is very popular at our Adult Day Centre