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Debbie 22nd Jan 2019
This week we are doing throng throwing competition and decorate a esky, using paint and aussie stickers. Clients really enjoyed this
Cheryl Elizabeth 22nd Jan 2017 Lifestyle Co-Ordinator
We celebrate Australia day with the thong throwing game,quizzes,trivia and volley ball,and this year I will try the Yabbie race,sounds like fun.we also have a special lunch and entertainer singing all Aussie songs.
Kylie 12th Jan 2016 leisure and lifestyle officer
I am doing this for Australia Day. I have bought plastic Yabbies (I think they are really lobsters) and are going to nail them to small blocks of wood. I will get our men's group to paint the wood first.
Adult Day Servicse 20th Jan 2015 planned activity group leaders
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Yabbie Races & Boomerang Throw