Create beautiful collages using a variety of materials, including Gum Nuts and Leaves, to celebrate the beauty of Australian nature.

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Susan 19th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for sharing this Valerie
Pictures came out very nice
Valerie 17th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Assistant
I recently did this activity at the aged care facility where I work. I collected most of the materials from my 10 acres. We bought some artist white canvas frames in different sizes and I had printed off some pictures I had found to give the residents bit of an idea. The residents then proudly displayed them in the main lounge
Talita 19th Jul 2021
Wow Valerie, these look amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture!
Pretha 8th Jan 2022 Occupational Therapist
Valerie, when you say PVC glue, do you mean the type used for PVC pipes (PVC cement) or was it a miss spelling of PVA glue? The common wood or multipurpose glue?

I love this idea btw!
Almira 6th Jun 2017 Recreational Activity Officer
This is a great art & craft activity that we can add in our ART Gallery...for sure our residents in dementia unit will love this...
Talita 11th Jun 2017
Thanks for the feedback Almira! Let us know how you go!
Talita 14th Jan 2017
Thanks for your feedback Kylie! Love to hear how you go and what activities work well for your residents.
Kylie 12th Jan 2017 Lifestyle Team
Looking forward to making the most of the activities available and seeing the reactions of our residents !!